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TSGS offers a wide range of environmental contracting services in strict accordance with all local, state federal and international regulations.  The following list represents the most commonly requested services. 

  • Transportation Services 

  • Transfer Facilities

  • Onsite Waste Inventory, Sampling and Analysis

  • Lab-packing

  • Site Assessments

  • Site Remediation

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Bulk Removal (liquids & solids)

  • Container Services and Miscellaneous Supplies

Waste Transportation Services  (back to top)
TSGS owns and operates its own transportation fleet to ensure full compliance with both EPA and DOT regulations. All of our vehicles are fully insured for transportation of hazardous waste.
Our drivers have over 50 years combined experience in the transportation of hazardous waste. We put a major emphasis on the transportation mode of our business because we feel that is where the generatorís risk of liability is greatest.
Waste Inventory & Sampling (back to top)
TSGS operates a fully permitted transfer facility in Chattanooga, TN which allows us the unique opportunity of providing a wide variety of disposal options to our customers who have varying or unusual waste streams.
Our network includes all the major disposal companies in the United States.  Waste material is brought to this facility and then segregated for transportation to the different disposal facilities to ensure that the waste is not only treated properly, but a fair market rate. The facility gives us the capability of offering both large and small quantity generators competitive transportation and disposal rates.
Other Service (back to top)
Our in-house staff will search the disposal industry and find all the disposal options available for you unique waste stream. We will provide all the documentation associated with the transportation and disposal of your waste material.
This includes Waste Profile Sheets, Manifests, Land Disposal Certificates and labels.
We also offer the following on-site services:
  • Waste inventory, sampling and analysis
  • Lab-packing
  • Spill clean-up
  • Site assessments
  • Site remediation